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Non-Standard and Historic Properties

Historical, non-standard homes.

Why they need a specialist policy

Here at Listed Property Protection we understand that the majority of our customers property will be classed as non-standard. When a property is classed as “non-standard” it means that the construction of the property is built using materials that do not necessarily conform to what is commonly known as ‘standard’.

The qualifying factors that a property must have to be classed as “standard construction” is brick or stone walls with a tiled or slate roof. A property of non-standard construction is therefore built using uncommon materials. However, this does not mean that there are no non-standard properties in existence that are built using standard materials such as brick and tiles. The property may be classed as non-standard due to the fact that it has non-standard aspects such as timber framing for example.

Historically, Non-standard homes were usually found in common areas where the materials that they were constructed of were more readily available. However, the tables have now turned as these properties are now becoming more and more sought after which has subsequently meant that the cost of the materials used is forever increasing.

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Some of the aspects that a listed, thatch or heritage property may include are as follows:

  • Timber Framing
  • Lime Stone
  • Leaded Light Windows
  • Thatched Roof
  • Cotswold Stone
  • Wattle + Daub
  • Weatherboard
  • Lead Gutters

Although we specialise in insurance for non-standard properties, we also offer high quality policies for properties of standard construction. Our team members have an extensive knowledge of the personal lines market within the insurance sector and have all spent time working within general insurance brokers.

At LPP we understand that not everyone is as interested in insurance as us, so why not give us a call and let us take the hassle away from you? We can provide you with a quotation absolutely free of charge with no obligation to yourself, what have you got to lose?

It is not just the construction of a property that defines whether or not it falls under the non-standard bracket. There are other aspects that enable these properties to be allocated that sought after grouping and these are things such as swimming pools, tennis courts, large outbuildings or Stables for example.

Another reason that a property can be classed as non-standard is if it has suffered from prior issues, whether that be historic movement or previous flooding for example.

Here at Listed Property Protection we understand that many properties suffer with this type of issue and we have ensured that the insurance companies that we affiliate ourselves with will always do absolutely everything in their power to make sure that these properties are not only covered correctly but covered correctly by a high quality bespoke insurance policy.

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