Are you in need of specialist insurance for your unique property?

Whether you live in a listed property or your home is something a bit special and unique that sets it apart from your neighbour’s houses, it can sometimes be difficult to get adequate or appropriate home insurance to cover your needs.

A lot of standard home insurance providers are not really geared up to deliver the right policy cover that you need because your home may be out of the ordinary and regular insurance cover may not be suitable for your property.

There are many insurers that will not even offer insurance for an unusual home, so contacting traditional insurance companies for a policy may turn out to be completely and frustratingly fruitless.

Instead of stressing yourself out with an impossible search, you would be better off approaching a specialist insurance company that is set up to create personalised insurance cover, such as Listed Property Protection (LPP), that are here to meet the needs of people that own unique, non-standard or unusual properties.

 LPP understand your needs

With many years in the specialist insurance business helping to deliver bespoke insurance cover for homeowners with non-standard properties, we are in the best position to offer you the right sort of cover to help you recover and get back on your feet as quickly as possible following an emergency with your home.

We are here to help you with our limitless advice and deep industry knowledge of insurance so that you can get the very best cover to protect your home and give you great peace of mind knowing that should anything go wrong, you are covered!

 What sort of properties do we cover?

LPP offers perfectly tailored insurance solutions to cover a range of what are classified as non-standard properties. There can be many reasons why a property will not qualify for a standard insurance policy from a leading high-street insurance provider, but this doesn’t mean that your home will have to go unprotected.

In fact, our team at LLP love unusual homes of every description. This is why we chose to help those homeowners that have a property that is a little out of the ordinary. We can talk to you to find out all about your house and devise a policy that will offer the right level of protection to perfectly match your needs.

 Our insurance is suitable for (but not limited to):

 In fact, if your home is constructed from anything other than standard bricks and mortar, then we are here to help you meet your insurance needs!

Although we can also offer insurance packages for standard-built homes too, we love nothing more than taking on a ‘non-standard’ built house.

 We understand your unique challenges

We know that owning an unusual property can be really exciting. We also know how much people love their homes and are willing to invest in them. However, owning such a property can throw up many challenges, especially when it comes to the thought of repairing or replacing any structural damage done to your home through an accident, fire or flood emergency.

Your unusual home may be made from non-standard building materials that are not easy and cheap to source should you need to buy materials to make repairs or to completely replace severely damaged elements of your home.

It is not only a fact that your home may be built with non-standard construction materials but also in the event of an emergency you may need the help of builders or construction professionals with specialist knowledge of using these building materials and are skilled in performing repairs, renovations or restoration of rare period features or building techniques.

Listed Property Protection are experts in offering specialist insurance services that are just as unique and individual as your property.

 Why do I need to buy non-standard specialist insurance?

You would need to buy insurance for your non-standard property for the same reasons why you would choose insurance to cover a standard-built property. Insurance is there to help protect your building from loss or severe damage caused by an accident.

For those using their property as security against a loan or mortgage, then the loan or mortgage lender will make it a condition that you have property insurance to cover your home before they agree to lend you the money.

Your property may be deemed as non-standard not because of its construction but because you also may have other elements that come with your property that need to be covered, such as a swimming pool, stables, tennis court or outbuildings.

Your home may have been constructed with an unusual amount of glass or has unique landscaping and valuable statues that need to be covered.

If you want to know more about insuring your non-standard home and whether your property qualifies or not, then you are more than welcome to have a chat with our friendly team who will be able to offer you plenty of advice.

 Contact our specialist insurance team

Not only are LPP able to design a bespoke insurance package for you, but we also go out of our way to make sure that our non-standard insurance packages are just as cost-effective and affordable as any of our other specialist insurance policies that cover listed properties or thatched-roof homes.

Don’t let the fact that your property is unusual stand in the way of accessing the best value for money insurance that you need to protect your home. Talk to our friendly team today to find out how we can help you!


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