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Specialist Listed Property Insurance

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From the initial conversation, our clients are able to distinguish the differences between ourselves and a general insurance provider, whether that be a direct insurance company or a broker. We provide a service that is unrivalled by large general providers and the major reason for this is down to the fact that we love these properties as much as they do. Due to our extensive knowledge of these properties, we have helped underwrite policies with bespoke additions tailored specifically to eliminate any grey areas that arise from the unique needs and requirements that come hand-in-hand with these historic beauties.

Specialist Property Insurance.


About UK Listed Buildings

It has been estimated that there are around half a million listed buildings in the United Kingdom, however the exact number of listed properties is unobtainable. This is because one individual entry on the National Heritage List for England could cover several houses, such as a row of terraced properties for example.

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English & Scottish Listed Buildings

In England listed buildings are spread in to three different categories Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 2*. The majority of listed properties in England are Grade 2, followed by Grade 2* and then finally Grade 1.

In Scotland, the listed properties are categorised into 3 sections like in England, However, they are separated into Category A, Category B and Category C. Category B holds most of the listed properties followed closely by Category C and finally Category A.


Northern Irish Listed Buildings

There is believed to be around 8,500 listed buildings in Northern Ireland and just like in England and Scotland, the properties are separated in to multiple different categories Grade A, Grade B+ and Grade B. However, since the late 1980s properties that were categorised as Grade B were further separated in to Grade B1 if they have a wide range of qualifying attributes or Grade B2 if they have less qualifying features.

Any building that was built before 1700 and is still resembling its original state is listed. Buildings that were built between 1700 and 1840 are also usually listed. However, as long as a building is over 30 years old it can be eligible to be listed.

We understand that some properties may be not be classed as listed as they are just built on a conservation site rather than being listed directly, or may have aspects such as brick walls that are part of a curtilage.


One of the major bespoke additions to our policies is: if the worst was to happen and your property needed some repair work or needed to be rebuilt, our policies provide cover to ensure that the property will be rebuilt or repaired using the correct materials and techniques as per the conservation officer's request.

Here at Listed Property Protection, we pride ourselves on providing the most personal service to our clients whenever they need it. Whether that be for a quotation at 8:30am or some advice at 7:30pm we are here to help. It is never a chore for us to discuss these types of properties as we are as interested in them as our clients are.


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