When you are the proud owner of a listed property, you will want to do everything you can to protect it. This includes making sure that you choose the appropriate listed property insurance cover. However, should your home have a thatched roof then you definitely want to look into getting good quality thatch house insurance.

Finding thatch house insurance cover

Finding out how to insure your thatched property can be problematic. Most insurers will not be happy to cover thatched roof properties simply because they pose a much greater fire risk than standard properties with a tiled roof.

The repair and replacement costs associated with a thatched property can be much more substantial because thatched houses tend to suffer from more extensive damage during a fire emergency.

However, there are some specialist home insurance companies, such as LPP, that will offer thatch house insurance and when you compare prices you may be surprised to find how much more cost-effective our thatched insurance policies are at LPP.

Why do I need specialist cover?

Having specialist thatch home insurance cover in place will help to protect you against all of the most common risks associated with owning your home, but your insurance will place a special focus on the increased risks that your roofing material presents.

At the end of the day, there is no difference in how home insurance works to cover a standard home built with a tiled roof or a thatched roof home. However, the policy will be underwritten to reflect the extra risks posed by having a thatched roof.

LPP offers bespoke and very cost-effective thatch home insurance, along with unrivalled advice and customer support for owners of listed properties and those with a thatched home.

What information do I need to supply?

To work out your home insurance policy you would need to give us some information about your property, such as:


You will also need to find out what the rebuild costs are for your property. This isn’t the same as its market value. It is the material and labour costs of rebuilding your house following its destruction.

You can get a rough estimation of your rebuild costs by using the Association of British Insurers (ABI) rebuild calculator.


Insurance responsibilities and conditions

When you are looking around for a quote for thatch house insurance you may get results that vary wildly. This can add confusion. You may be tempted to go for the cheapest quote, but then end up regretting your choice further down the line should you be a victim of a fire outbreak.

Be aware that most thatch-insurance policies will come with certain conditions and requirements that you need to stick to. For example, a condition of your policy may be to have your chimney swept each year. Should you fail to do this and then suffer from a fire, your insurance claim may be refused because of this.

Many policy conditions will often come with thatched home insurance to keep it valid. Here are some examples:

You may find that you are offered lower insurance premiums when you already have all the above measures in place. It is worth taking these steps anyway for your own security and peace of mind let alone the fact that you could get cheaper thatch-insurance by doing so.


Many common FAQs for thatch home insurance

Q: Do I need specialist thatch home insurance?

A: Yes. In most cases, regular home insurance policies do not extend to cover thatched properties, so it would be sensible for you to get specialist home insurance to cover your extra needs.

Q: Will thatched roof home insurance cover me against fire?

A: Yes it will, but the majority of insurers will expect you to put strict fire safety precautions in place before they will be happy to offer you any cover. Inspect the policy details closely to understand what you need to do to keep your policy valid.

Q: How often do I need to replace my thatched roof?

A: Most thatch experts claim that a thatched roof will last around 50 years when kept in good condition. However, most roof ridges will need to be replaced more regularly than this. Check with your insurer to see how often they will expect you to replace the thatch.

Q: Is thatched roof insurance more costly than standard home insurance?

A: In most cases, yes. Thatch house insurance can cost more because of the greater risks of fire damage. However, you can still find very affordable insurance cover, especially with a specialist listed home insurance provider such as LPP.

If you still have questions about insuring your thatched home do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at LPP and we will be happy to answer your questions.


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