Once upon a time, just about every house built had a thatched roof and a wood-burning stove or an open fireplace, not a great combination for the safety of your home!

Generally speaking, it is easier to prevent fire outbreaks these days with central heating taking over from open fires and wood burners to heat the home. However it is still the case that anyone owning a thatched house has to take special care to reduce the risks posed by fire, which is where our thatched house insurance comes in.

Combining traditional and new techniques

It is not just ancient chocolate-box cottages that come with a thatched roof. There are plenty of home buyers that plan and build modern homes with a thatched roof. Owning such an eye-catching and unique thatched roof home is seen as desirable these days – completely opposite to how original thatched homes were seen centuries ago as homes for the poor folk!

Modern new-build thatch homes and replacement roofs now come with roof thatching materials that are treated with fire retardants to further reduce the chances of a fire taking hold in the roof should a fire emergency happen or the roof is struck by lightning, for example.

Going green for the environment

A lot of people are now looking at ways to live that causes the least impact on our environment. This includes the building of eco-houses using environmentally-friendly materials, such as having thatched roofs or ‘green’ living roofs.

Green roofs are mostly assumed to be made using sedums and succulent plants, but specialist roofers are now combining wildflowers into the mix – a theme that has been used a lot in Switzerland for many years.

Using a thatched roof on a modern building is also a direction that a lot of house-to-house builders are choosing to take because of the sustainable nature of the roofing materials used. Going back to our roots of house building is often a way to reform the system and is helping to bring natural roofs back into fashion for a more environmentally conscious generation.

Thatch roof lifespan

Even with the best materials and craftsmanship in the world, a thatched roof usually only lasts for around 40 to 50 years before it will need to be replaced.

It also pays to be wary about investing in a new thatched roof and making sure that you buy from a trusted company with a proven track record, otherwise your roof simply won’t last or will need a lot of repairs and maintenance over the years.

Remember that the quality of the thatch is critical here. A poor thatch that hasn’t been properly prepared can attract mice and rats because it may contain residual seeds or grains that were not properly removed during preparation.

Birds are also a culprit for causing damage to your roof when they root around for grubs and insects that live in the thatch, and also stealing materials to build their own nests.

Misconceptions of thatched house insurance

What most people believe is that taking out thatched house insurance is generally going to be very expensive. They believe that this is because of the fire risks associated with the material.

However, this isn’t strictly true because, in fact, it is the real cost of replacing the thatched material and the labour involved in re-thatching the roof that is the most costly element covered by insurance.

In truth, thatched homes do not catch fire any more frequently than regular-built homes made from bricks with tile roofs, but because a fire in a thatched roof is more difficult to extinguish once flames have taken a significant hold, this is why there is often more damage to repair afterwards.

The benefits of having a thatched home

There are of course many benefits to having a thatched roof that add more value than just their stunning looks and charming appeal. These include:

We are sure that you would agree that the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to owning a thatched roof home. Thatch is an extremely beautiful roofing option and those who own a thatched property seldom choose to move back to a more conventional house with a slate or tile roof.

Why not take a look at our thatched property insurance information and arrange a call back today!


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